Ultrasonic Radar 2.0

Degrii's proprietory dual-ultrasonic radars provide 30% faster scanning and mapping, accurately detecting obstacles for efficient and seamless cleaning paths.

Effective Path Planning

Full Coverage for Four Cleaning Modes

Advanced Zima Ultrasonic Radar 2.0 plans efficient paths, ensuring a spotless pool without missed spots.

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Enhanced Cleaning Power and Coverage

4000GPH (15.14 m³/h) Suction Power

Powerful suction from a 3-axis motor system and optimized dual suction inlets ensures effective debris removal.

Up to 180min of Runtime

High-capacity 9300mAh battery supports deeper and longer cleaning missions.

Extra-Wide Dynamic Brushes

Extra-wide dynamic brushes 10% wider than the previous generation enhance cleaning performance by effectively handling stubborn debris and dirt.

High-Capacity 6.5L Dual-Filter Baskets

Dual 180μm ultra-fine filters offer meticulous cleaning from large leaves to grit and algae.

Clean Any Pool

Regardless of Shape or Material

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Overcome Obstacles with Ease

Effortless navigation over drains and obstacles up to a maximum height of 3.9 inches.

Self-Parking Capability

Automatic parking by the nearest wall when cleaning is complete or when battery level drops below 10%.

Industry-leading Connectivity and App

Manage Your Pool Easily

Customize Your Cleaning

Customizable cleaning modes available from the app: Auto, Floor, Wall, Overall, and Turbo mode.

Control Your Cleaning

Effortless monitoring of cleaning history and battery status ensures a superior pool experience.

WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamless OTA

Continuous software upgrades online maintain peak performance with new features instantly available.

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