Why did the device fail to connect (Bluetooth)?

Please check the following:
1. Pairing a Bluetooth device needs to be added in our App, not the Bluetooth-adding interface of the phone.
2. Make sure the Wi-Fi switch of your phone is on, and the router is working normally.
3. Your iPhone must be connected to the network when paring a Bluetooth device (because the Bluetooth device needs to be registered on the cloud server to be added successfully).
4. If you use an Android phone, you must open the App's location permission.
5. The device may have been added. It is recommended to reset the Bluetooth device and add it again.
6. Whether the distance between the Bluetooth gateway and the Bluetooth device is moderate (less than 3 meters), it is recommended to be as close as possible (if there is no Bluetooth gateway, you can skip it, just connect to the phone directly).
7. Check whether there are other users around using the Bluetooth device (the Bluetooth device can only be controlled and used by one user at the same time due to its characteristics, and it will be offline when other users are using it).
8. The Bluetooth device you added is not our product. Bluetooth devices have certain private protocols, so other brands of Bluetooth devices cannot be added to our App (even if they are added successfully, they cannot be controlled)."
If all of the above conditions have been ruled out and your device still cannot connect to the internet, you can click the "Feedback Questions" button below to report your questions, and the feedback results can be viewed in "My Feedback" on the "My - FAQ and Feedback" page. Thank you for your support!