Degrii Smart Thermostat


Why does my heat/AC continue to run when the set temperature is reached?

A. The thermostat will stop heating or cooling based on your differential temperature setting.You can set the value of the minimum difference between the current temperature and set temperature before the system calls for heat or cool. A smaller difference means shorter cycle times, whereas a larger difference results in longer cycle times. By default the differential temp is 1°F which means if you the heat is set to 65°F, we will turn the HVAC on when the temperature falls to 64°F and turn off the heat when the room temperature reaches 67°F. A higher Differential Temp will help prevent unnecessary short cycles from wearing your heating/cooling system and reduce starting costs. The temperature range is adjustable from 0.5 to 3 °F (0.5 to 3 °C) by going to Settings > Saving goal & Schedule > Differential Temp.

The device is offline and no one is around. Can I remotely reset the device to bring the device back online?

If your device is offline for a long time, you can only manually reset the device to pairing mode, and then manually add the device again. The function of remotely resetting the device is not supported.

Can I share my thermostat with others? e.g., family, guest, Airbnb user

Yes, you can share the thermostat in your home with family members and friends by:
1. On the Degrii app home page, go to Home mangement in the upper left corner.


2. Select the home in which the devices you want to share are located, click Add Member and select the method of invitation.


Can I control the fan independently?

Yes, if you have a G-wire, then you can control the fan even if you have CWA installed. Check out fan options here: The Degrii Thermostat has 2 fan control modes as shown below:- Auto - This mode has a default fan cycle of 0 min/hr. The fan will only run during the heating or cooling stage and turns off immediately the heat turns off (without Coast to Cool activated).The fan cycle can be configurable in Settings -> Advanced -> Fan Cycle. Cycle is configurable from 0min/hr to 30min/hr.NOTE: This is the minimum amount of time the fan will run each hour. The time the fan runs cooling stage heating stage also counts towards fan cycle time.- On - The fan will run continuously. The Degrii Thermostat has 2 fan control modes as shown below:

How precise is the temperature reading and set points?

In Fahrenheit it is 0 decimal places e.g., (70°F), and 1 decimal place in Celsius e.g., (23.5°C)

Is there an option to normally open or normally close the Degrii thermostat when using the accessory terminal for dehumidification?

Yes, during the setup you can set this. It is called "Energize" in the Degrii app setup for dehumidifier.

Is this capable of working with remote sensors?

Yes, the Degrii thermostat is able to work with up to 12 Degrii remote thermostats (sensors).

Can I set up the Thermostat temporarily without Wi-Fi at home?

Yes. You can use your mobile internet hotspot to set up the thermostat if you do not have a working Wi-Fi.

When does the next stage turn on?

The heat and cool stages change based on two factors: the temp difference (set Temp - current temp), and run time, which depends on your system type. For a gas furnace, after the default run time of 35 mins, if the current temperature is not close to the set temperature, the system will move to the next stage. Stage 1: 1 - 4 degrees from the set tempStage 2: 4 - 8 degrees from the set temp

Can I set my desired Cool or Heat stage?

No. You can not manually set the heating or cooling stage to be used by the system.

How to submit a log?

You can submit a log through the Degrii app platform home page.

- Go to Me
- Click on Settings
- Click Degrii Support, Select Submit Log and write details of the issue.
- Submit the Log and write down the Ticket ID to our customer support agents.

Will the Degrii Thermostat still work if Wi-Fi connection is lost?

Yes, it will keep operating based on the last working schedule; you can control your temperature or change status from the thermostat device as well.

A change was made to the Degrii app but it has not shown up on the thermostat?

Check the right side of the thermostat to see if it still has Wi-Fi connection. If the thermostat Wi-Fi is disconnected, the Wi-Fi light will be off. If the thermostat is connected to the Wi-Fi, there may still be a delay in the connectivity between the app and thermostat.

Can the Degrii thermostat work without the App?

Yes. You can use the Degrii thermostat without the app.

Why is my Degrii thermostat temperature and home temperature different?

The Degrii thermostat is very accurate, but it may require being calibrated. Temperature can be adjusted with Temperature correction, found in Settings->Advanced->Temperature Correction.

How do I change Wi-Fi?

To reset the thermostat Wi-Fi:

- Click the right and left buttons on the thermostat together for 6 secs till you see "n/y"
- Click the right button to select "y"
- Click the middle button to reset the Wi-Fi

To add new Wi-Fi:

- Open the Degrii app
- Click the + sign on the upper right corner of the app's home page to add device
- Select the product category (Smart Thermostat)
- Click Already Installed and follow the app instructions to add the Wi-Fi

If I change address, what do I do?

You will need to simply reset the device. You will also need to go through setup again at your new address.

Does it have a Heat Anticipator setting?

No. The Degrii thermostat uses algorithms to ensure that your heat turns on when needed and turns off at the desired temperature.

How do I turn on Emergency Heat?

The emergency Heat can only be turned on manually by going to Settings -> Advanced. This option is only available if the User selects Emergency heat during the setup process. It has a max runtime of 30 mins.

Why won't the heat turn off?
If your heat doesn't turn off after reaching the set temperature, in other words, the room gets too hot - hotter than the set point temperature. Here are some things that could cause that problem:
1. The thermostat might have been configured wrongly. For instance, if the system is a conventional unit but you configure it as a heat pump. This could cause this to happen.
Verify the kind of system you are using (Heat pump or Conventional unit) and make sure that you wire the system correctly.
2. In some cases, the temperature will go up about 2 to 4 degrees higher than the set point temperature because the residual heat from the furnace causes the temperature in the room to raise till it dissipates, even after heating has stopped. Set the thermostat heating 2 to 3 degrees below the preferred set point if you realise this situation.
3. The thermostat or its wires have been damaged and are not reliably signaling the heating system primary controller. For example, an internal relay sticks and keeps heat on even after the thermostat has sent a signal to shutdown heating.
4. The thermostat is being blocked from properly sensing room heat. That could be due to movement of the warm air supply registers to a new, more distant location, or more often, due to furniture, drapes, or even dust that blocks the air inlet openings around the thermostat that allow it to sense room temperature. This results in the thermostat wrongly sensing the temperature in the room.
5. The thermostat is located on a cold outdoor wall or where cold air blows on it. If your thermostat was not moved and is on an interior wall and in a draft of cold air, this isn't likely to be the cause of the problem you descr
What can cause the thermostat fuse to blow?

Some of the reasons why the thermostat fuse will blow or emit smoke are:

1. The voltage from the C terminal of your control board is higher than 35 VAC. Currently, the Degrii thermostat only supports voltages lower than 35 VAC and as such voltages equal and above 35 VAC will cause the fuse to blow.
2. A short circuit between Rc and C on the thermostat will also cause the fuse of the furnace to blow. This is a rare case caused in the manufacturing process.
3. The fuse of the furnace will blow if you mistakenly connect the RC wire to the Rc terminal and the C wire to the Rh terminal. Always make sure you are connecting the right wires to the right terminals.
4. Surge in voltage or erratic power outage can also result in the thermostat fuse blowing.

Why does my Furnace fuse keep blowing?

Under normal circumstances, a well installed thermostat will not cause the furnace fuse to blow. However, this may happen only if there is a short circuit between any of the wires and C. For example, if the W1 wire and the C wire are touching each other, then there will be a short circuit whenever the thermostat calls for heat, resulting in the fuse of the furnace blowing. To resolve this, check your wirings to ensure that you do not have any exposed wires touching each other.

Why do my temperature settings and schedules keep changing?

Your temperature settings or schedule may change if there is a switch between states. Any state change (Home, Away, Sleep) during a schedule will result in the schedule being canceled. The Home-Away-Sleep temperature is the basic temperature setting of the thermostat and so changing states (Home, Away or Sleep) during a schedule will cancel the schedule at that particular time.

How do I turn off my Degrii thermostat without the Safety Temperature turning it back on?

Go to Settings --> Advanced --> Safety Temperature and then select None for both Min and Max safety temperatures. Save the change and go to the thermostat main page, and select off under MODE to turn off the thermostat.

How to use Google Home to Control Smart Devices?

Click here.

1. Install the Degrii app: Download and install the Degrii app on your smartphone or tablet from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)

2. Make sure you have setup your Degrii device and it is connected to the Degrii app

3. Launch the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. If you don't have the app, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

4. Open the Google Home app and tap + in the top left corner of the homepage.

5. Select Set up device > Works with Google

6. Tap the Search icon in the top right corner of the page, and search for Smart Life.

7. Tap the searched result and then Continue. The Google Home app will show Smart Life link.

If you already have Google Home linked to Smart Life, you will have to unlink it.
   a. Once unlinked, click "Continue"
   b. Click "Use another account".
   c. Follow the steps below to complete the setup.

8. Enter the email you used to create your degrii account followed by your password

9. Tap "Agree and link" and wait for the end of loading. This way, the Degrii app is linked with Google Assistant.

Smart thermostat commands

Once your Degrii account is connected to Google Assistant, you can use the following voice commands to control your thermostat.
“Ok Google,what’s the <thermostat name> set to?”
“Ok Google, what’s the <thremostat name> temperature?”
“Ok Google, Set the temperature to <number> degrees”
“Ok Google, Set the <thermostat name> to <number> degrees”
“Ok Google, decrease the <thermostat> by <number> degrees”
“Ok Google, increase the <thermostat> by <number> degrees”
“Ok Google, set the the <thermostat> to <mode>” (modes: heat, cool,auto, off)
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How to connect to Alexa?


I have two lines of terminal labels. Which do I use for Degrii Thermostat?

Some thermostats have both “Conventional” and “Heat Pump” modes, causing them to have two lines of terminal labels. Your system is only using one of these two modes. All you have to do is figure out which mode is currently in use and then use that set of labels for the compatibility checker.

If you don’t know what system that you have off-hand, no worries! Here are a few dead giveaways:

1. Try turning on the heat, then check if your outside condenser/air conditioning unit starts running. If it does, you have a heat pump system.2. If turning on the heat doesn’t make your outside unit run, you’ll probably hear sounds coming from your basement, closet, or the ceiling when your heat is on. This would mean you have a conventional system.3. Check out the labels on your condenser or indoor air handler for a model number or name. You can likely search this up to figure out what type of system you have.4. Check your HVAC control board for the wire labels. The control board will most likely have only one set of labels which corresponds to either a heat pump or conventional unit.
Is the Degrii Thermostat compatible with a 2-wire system?

Yes. By using the 24v power adapter, the Degrii Thermostat will be able to work with a 2-wire system.

Does it work with a millivolt system? e.g., fireplace

No, the Degrii thermostat doesn't work with millivolt systems.

What is jumper wire?

It is a self connection, from one thermostat terminal to another thermostat terminal. It is quite common on older model thermostats. Usual jumper connections exist:

- Rc -- Rh
- Y1 -- Y2
- W1 -- W2

All of these jumper cables should be removed when installing Degrii Thermostat.

What is the K Terminal and what to do with it?
The K terminal located on Honeywell thermostat's combines the Y and G wires. It does this using the Honeywell wiresaver. The Degrii system is not compatible with the Honeywell wiresaver. However, your system is compatible with Degrii thermostat once the Honeywell wiresaver is removed. Please follow the following steps to install your Degrii thermostat.

1. Take photos of your control board, thermostat wiring and Honeywell wiresaver.
2. Remove the Honeywell wiresaver

At the Control Board
3. On the ""Thermostat"" side of the Honeywell wiresaver, label the wires as follows.
a. Rc terminal -> Rc Label
b. K terminal -> Y Label
c. C terminal -> G Label
d. W-O/B terminal -> Please follow the W-O/B terminal wire from the wiresaver to the control board. Label the wire on the thermostat side of the wiresaver corresponding to the terminal label found on the control board.
NOTE: If the control board is also labeled W-O/B. You will need to determine if your system is heat pump system(O/B) or conventional(W).
4. With wires correctly labeled remove the wires from the wiresaver.
5. Now remove the wires from the control board connected to the wiresaver.
6. Wire the labelled wires to their corresponding terminals on the control board.
NOTE: You may notice you no longer have a C-wire, don't worry they will walk you through setting up the Degrii CWA.
7. Correct the thermostat wires

At the Thermostat
1. Remove the thermostat cover panel (Your wiring should be similar to the wiring on the above left side photo).
2. To be compatible with the Degrii thermostat, wires K and C will need to be adjusted.
3. Place the wire in the C terminal into the G terminal.
4. Place the wire in the K terminal into the Y terminal.
Your system is now compatible with the Degrii thermostat. Please open the Degrii app and add a new thermostat. Select the wires currently connected in your system and the App will guide you through how to connect the Degrii C-Wire Adapter.
What do I do if I have GH and GC wire terminals on the control board?

Some systems have GH and GC terminals on the control board with a jumper wire between R and GH. The GH provides low fan speed during heating, while the GC is for high fan speed during cooling.1. Disconnect the wire connected to GH and connect it to R2. Disconnect the jumper wire between R and GH3. Connect a jumper wire between GH and W4. Install the CWA if there is no C wire at the thermostat5. During the type of heating system selection, choose radiator or in-floor radiant

How can I tell if you need the 24v Power Adapter?

You can install the 24v power adapter yourself.
1. Ensure that you have started the thermostat setup in the app and you have selected the wires of your old thermostat.
2. Make sure your HVAC system is still off and click Begin in the app to start the installation of the CWA.

3. Connect the 24v power adapter wires to the Rc and C terminals of the thermostat. If the Rc terminal already has a wire connected to it, merge the HVAC Rc wire with the 24v power adapter Rc wire and connect it to the thermostat Rc terminal.

4. Once you are done installing the 24v power adapter, connect the adapter to your power supply outlet on the wall and turn it on.

Where can I install the Degrii 24v Power Adapter?

If your home has one thermostat, install the 24v power adapter at the thermostat terminals by connecting the wires to the Rc and C terminals of the thermostat.