Degrii Remote Thermostat


How do I manually include or not include the Remote Thermostat in temperature averaging?

To manually include a Remote Thermostat that is not included in temperature averaging:
1. Click the down arrow to move the device to Inactive.

2. Click the up arrow to move the device to Active.

Note: If Auto Comfort is on, any manually not included sensor will be automatically included after 30 mins when occupancy is detected. Also, any manually included sensor will be automatically not included after 30 mins if occupancy is not detected.

When Auto Comfort is off, will a manually included sensor be excluded in temp averaging after 30 mins?

No. Manually included or manually not included sensors remain unchanged when Auto Comfort is off.

When a Remote Thermostat isn't participating in a Comfort Setting, what does my Degrii thermostat do with its reading?

When a sensor isn't participating, it still reports the temperature to the thermostat, but the reading isn't used to help determine the average home temperature.

Remote Thermostat is reading _F / _%

When a sensor loses connection from a Degrii thermostat, it will appear under MAIN MENU > SENSORS on your thermostat and in the app as a hollow sensor with no signal waves and with "N/A" showing underneath.

A sensor could lose connection from your Degrii thermostat if:
- The battery is low.
- It’s too far from your Degrii (more than 17 feet).
- There’s interference from environmental factors (walls, or other devices broadcasting on the same frequency, such as a baby monitor, cordless phone, etc.).

Can I use the Remote Thermostat to change other settings apart from temperature?

No, the Degrii Remote thermostat can be used to manually change the Smart Thermostat setpoint temperature but cannot be used to change settings like Mode, State, etc.


Can I use the Remote Thermostat without the Degrii Smart Thermostat?

Yes, the Degrii Remote Thermostat can be used as a standalone temperature and humidity monitor.
Note: However, the Degrii Remote Thermostat cannot be used to control your HVAC (Heat/Cool) unless it is paired with the Degrii Smart thermostat.