How do I configure a Wi-Fi device?

Step1: Put device into Pairing ModeLong press the menu button for 5 secs to factory reset the device or long press the two navigation buttons for 5 secs to rest the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi indicator flashes to indicate that the device is ready to pair.

Step2: Tap""+""button on App to add deviceOn the ""Add Device"" page, select the category of the device and select the Wi-Fi type.

Step3: Connect device to home networkSelect a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi at home and enter the Wi-Fi password to connect the device to the network.
Wait for 2 minutes, and the device will be added.

If the device pairing failsYou can retry as follows:
1. Reset the device and reconfigure the network. See the first step for the reset operation.
2. Move the device close to the Wi-Fi router to connect the network.
3. Confirm whether the Wi-Fi type is 2.4G. If it is 5G Wi-Fi, you need to switch the Wi-Fi to 2.4G.