Degrii Zima Pro


What is the difference between the Degrii Zima Pro robot pool cleaner and other pool vacuums?

Compared to other pool vacuums, Degrii Zima Pro is the world’s first intelligent cordless pool cleaner with ultrasonic radars, which enables it to plan a path before cleaning. You never have to worry about missing out on any corners of your pool. Moreover, there are few pool vacuums in the market with a smart mobile application. But Degrii Zima Pro does. You can view the process of cleaning in real time and control the Degrii Zima Pro via a simple click. What’s more, Degrii Zima Pro can not only clean your pool, but help purify the water in the pool while other pool vacuums only can clean the pool. Besides, the auto-parking & lift functions of Degrii Zima Pro allow you to get it out from the pool easily, and it has competitive movement speed and longer battery life compared to most other pool vacuums on the market.

What kind of pools Degrii Zima Pro can clean?

Degrii Zima Pro’s intelligent path planning is able to conquer hard-to-reach corners, making it perfect for all pool types between 2 feet and 11 feet in depth. Besides, Degrii Zima Pro is also suitable for pools with different surfaces, such as cement surfaces, and tile surfaces.

Can Degrii Zima Pro collect the leaves, small stones or sand in the pool?

Yes. Powered by triple motors design, Degrii Zima Pro has a 250W powerful pump. It can collect large debris like rocks up to 1.2 inches, leaves up to 5.1 inches and absorbs dust up to 180 µm.

How many cleaning modes Degrii Zima Pro has?

Degrii Zima Pro has 4 cleaning modes, which respectively are floor mode (only clean the bottom of the pool), wall mode (only clean the walls of the pool), overall mode (clean both walls and bottom of the pool), and manual mode (can control the Degrii Zima Pro to clean any area of the pool). You can choose the mode according to your needs through the App or via a button in the floating battery.

How long can Degrii Zima Pro last on a full charge?

Degrii Zima Pro has a 10000mAh large battery capacity, allowing it to work longer and clean a larger pool. For floor mode, the battery life can last up to 3h; for Wall mode, the battery life can last up to 2.5h, and for overall mode, the battery life can last up to 3h on a single charge with up to 5000 ft² co

If Degrii Zima Pro encounters a slope or a large obstacle, like a big stone, in the swimming pool, will it stop cleaning?

Of course not. In the process of cleaning, once Degrii Zima Pro met obstacles like big stones in the pool, it will automatically avoid them and continue to clean. When it comes to a smaller obstacle, Degrii Zima Pro will go over it and continue to clean. If there is a slope in the pool, Degrii Zima Pro can still move steadily and clean the slope smoothly instead of shutting itself down.

If Degrii Zima Pro runs out of battery during the cleaning process, or after completing the cleaning, do I have to go to the center of the pool to pick it up?

No, you don’t have to. When the battery level drops below 10% or when the cleaning is completed, Degrii Zima Pro will automatically park alongside the pool wall. Then you can click the button “lift” in the app, Degrii Zima Pro will climb up and wait in the water line.

Is there a fixed route for Degrii Zima Pro to clean the pool?

Yes. As the industry’s first robotic pool cleaner to implement ultrasonic radar, Degrii Zima Pro will automatically set a suitable route according to the shape of your pool. Then Degrii Zima Pro will follow the route to clean the pool without repeating the path, which can help improve the battery life and cleaning efficiency. You don’t have to worry about missing out on any corners of your pool.

Can Degrii Zima Pro purify the water?

Yes. There are two packs of water purification packs inside of Degrii Zima Pro, which can effectively absorb impurities and unpleasant odors in the water. Besides, you can replace the water purification packs at regular intervals to ensure a good purification performance.

Can Degrii Zima Pro climb the walls of the pool and clean them?

Yes. If you want to clean the walls and water line of the pool, you can choose the wall mode through the App, and Degrii Zima Pro will climb up the wall and start to clean automatically.

What kind of plug does the Zima Pro use?

Degrii Zima Pro works with 100-240V charging voltage, which is suitable for global usage. The default plug of Degrii Zima Pro is the US version. A power adapter will come with Degrii Zima Pro for customers from other countries.

What kind of pool is Degrii Zima Pro suitable for?

Degrii Zima Pro is not only suitable for in-ground pool, above-ground pool, but also suitable for pools with different shapes, such as round pool, rectangular pool, irregular pools, pools with steps inside. Additionally, it can effectively handle different pool surfaces, no matter it is vinyl-lined pool, fiberglass, or plaster-coated concrete pool. The suitable pool water depth is between 2 feet and 11 feet.

Is it suitable for salt water?

Degrii Zima Pro works equally well with salt water. The whole machine is made of anti-rust material and corrosion-resistant plastic material, which has passed the 96-hour salt spray test to ensure that the machine parts will not rust in the salt water environment. Please rest assured to use it.

There is a cord between the floating station and the main . Why call it cordless pool cleaner?

Degrii Zima Pro's cordless design means that it is battery-powered and does not need to be plugged in when cleaning. Degrii Zima Pro doesn't have long cords or long tube. The cord you see in the picture is a short cord that connects the main machine and the floating battery, which also serves as the antenna for WiFi/Bluetooth. We made this design to reduce the weight of the main machine to save energy. It also provides real-time connectivity for remote control, status monitoring, self learning and firmware updates.