Level Up Pool Cleaning with Ultrasonic Mapping

Cordless Design

  • Enhanced Safety
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Cordless Convenience

Precision Cleaning with Ultrasonic Radars

  • Intelligent 3D Path Planning
  • Handle Every Pool Shape
  • High Cleaning Efficiency

Superb 250W Suction

  • Powerful 3-Axis Motors
  • Swallow Almost Any Mess
  • Efficient Cleaning Across all Surfaces

Up to 3.5 Hours of Runtime

  • Unique Floating Battery System
  • 10000 mAh Large-Capacity Battery
  • Up to 5,000 ft² of Cleaning Area

Water Purification

  • Built-In Activated Carbon Packages
  • 180µm Ultra-Fine Filters

Smart App Control

  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • One-Click Lifting
  • Cleaning Schedule
Cordless Design

Unique Floating Battery System

Zima Pro uses a supercharged floating 10,000mAh battery that powers its cleaning missions for deeper, longer cleans. Connected to Zima Pro by a waterproof 11.5ft cord, that long lasting battery allows for 3.5 hours or 5,000 ft² of cleaning on a single charge.

Intelligent Cordless Pool Cleaner with Ultrasonic Radars

Zima Pro is equipped with an advanced ultrasonic radar system that ensures precise mapping and highly efficient cleaning paths. Its self-learning algorithm adapts to your pool, making each cleaning session more effective.

Superb 250W Suction

Powerful 3-Axis Motors

Zima Pro is equipped with a 250W triple motor system, powered by brushless motors that offer a longer lifespan and higher efficiency compared to the brushed motors commonly used in other pool cleaners.

Swallow Almost Any Mess

Equipped with a powerful 250W brushless pump, this device can effortlessly pick up a wide range of materials, from larger items like rocks (up to 1.2'') and leaves (up to 5.1''), to finer particles such as dirt as small as 180 µm.

Effective Cleaning Across Floors, Walls, and Waterlines

Utilizing its robust motors, Zima Pro goes beyond just the pool floor, effectively cleaning the pool walls and waterline as well.

Purifying Water

Built-In Activated Carbon

Large 6.5L Capacity with Dual 180μm Filter Baskets

Smart App - User-Friendly Design

Zima Pro offers four cleaning modes. Use the manual mode to address hard-to-reach dirt and areas that require special attention, or utilize the wall cleaning mode to tackle stubborn waterline grime.
There's no need to roll up your sleeves or get your hands wet. Simply press the 'Lift' button, and Zima Pro will autonomously ascend the nearest wall, patiently awaiting for 5 minutes. No need for diving in.
By setting a scheduled cleaning time through the app, the system will automatically clean your pool on specific days. This convenient feature saves time and effort, ensuring the pool stays clean at the designated times without manual intervention.