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Integrated Temperature Control System
with Multifunctional Sensors

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15-minute Easy DIY Installation

With a market-leading database, we offer customized installation guides for installing the thermostat in about three steps. You can easily and quickly install a thermostat in 15 minutes without spending extra money on an electrician.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency with Sensors

The Degrii Mars provides pre-set HVAC configurations and energy-efficiency predictions on the App. Together with satellite controller sensors, the system analyzes your heating/cooling patterns and balances your home’s climate with market-leading algorithms, bringing energy savings to the next level.

Adjust Your Temperature with Room Sensors

A Thermostate only measures the temperature of the room it is in and cannot eliminate the cold and hot spots based on the real-time temperature of various rooms.

Degrii sensors monitor temperature and humidity. You can place the sensor in rooms that need special care, like bedrooms and nurseries, and the sensor will maintain the desired temperature at all times. You can adjust the temperature directly through sensors as simple as one click, which makes the temperature setting more convenient.

Effective and Stable Bluetooth Connection

With an advanced Bluetooth amplifier built into the thermostat and sensor, Degrii allows the Bluetooth signal to penetrate walls and cover the entire house without losing connection. Degrii's temperature control solution can support up to 12 sensors and manage the temperature in every corner of your home.

Maximize Energy Savings by Room Occupancy Detection

Degrii sensors detect your occupancy through passive infrared detectors (PIR) in Follow Me Mode. You can set your preferred room temperature on the APP. Sensors will adjust the room temperature when a room is occupied and switch back to an eco-setting when you leave. It helps you make the most out of your HVAC unit while saving money without compromising the comfort level of your home.

Compatible with Most HVAC Systems

Most thermostats don’t work on the 2-wire HVAC system. Degrii gets you covered. A common wire (c-wire) is not required to install Degrii. It supports both 2-wire and 3-wire HVAC systems by upgrading the CWA adaptation and software, which covers most HVAC systems in the United States.

Preminum in Built, Easy in Use

Alexa and Google Assistant Supported

A thermostat that listens to your command

Frameless Design

Bigger, clearer and brighter

Fully Customizable Schedule

Customize your temperature setting throughout hours, days, weeks, and months

Remote APP Control

Setting the temperature on your phone wherever you are

Degrii: Innovative Smart Thermostat Provider with Powerful R&D Strength

Degrii is dedicated to bringing smart thermostats that provide a better energy-saving plan and installation advice to families worldwide. Wyze Smart Thermostat, the product we developed in collaboration with Wyze, has earned the trust of 300,000 active users. With over one hundred patents involving particle aerodynamics, mechanical systems, and artificial intelligence, Degrii never ceases to break the limits and create better smart home devices.

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